• All characters have been updated!
  • Brock (Judas) added
  • Professor Oak (Lazarus) added
  • Ditto (Eden) added [Including Lucario, Sceptile, Walrein, Ludicolo, Magmar, Swampert, Zangoose, Electabuzz, and Nidoking]
  • Ninjask (The Lost) added
  • Wailmer (Hush) added
  • Miltank (The Bloat) added
  • Spheal (Hush Boils) added
  • Golduck (Hush Minions) added
  • Metapod & Kakuna (Hangers) added
  • Rowlet (Dukie) added
  • Pinsir (Begotten) added
  • Jigglypuff (Gaping Maw) added
  • Swoobat (Fat Bat addedSeedot (Butt Lickers) added
  • Seedot (Butt Lickers) added
  • Lampent (Psychic Maw) added
  • Wurmple (Brain) added
  • Volbeat (Sucker) added
  • Illumise (Spit) added
  • Angel room door now has an Arceus frame
  • Devil room door now has a Giratina frame
  • Wailmer, Metagross, Lampharos, Dugtrio, Swalot, Squirtle boss portraits added by @Renog727
  • Baltoy changed to Red Maw
  • items.xml updated
  • Character menu updated (can you spot the 3 easter eggs?)
  • Title Menu updated
  • minimap 2 updated


  • Music added (@loicnolot)
  • Boss Portraits for Gyarados/Hollow, Grimer/Monstro, Koffing/Duke of Flies, Chansey/Peep, Pikachu/Loki, Gengar/Haunt, and Hoopa/Little Horn added (@Renog727)
  • Pokemart/Shop added 
  • Pokemon trainer/Shopkeepers added (@loicnolot)
  • Bronzor/Drowned Fly fixed
  • Additional Digletts added
  • Black Alataria fixed
  • Various bug fixes 
  • v1.5.1 will forever be in our hearts.


  • Angel & Angel2 are now Ho-Oh & Shiny Ho-Oh, respectively. (Lugia and Shadow Lugia on the way. This takes time, please don't yell at me please.) 
  • Gary added as Cain
  • Mewtwo added as Lilith (@TheHarDeOne)
  • Character Menu Updated to include all 9 characters (Thanks for the Misty icon, @ThatBlondie67)
  • Bosses now have nameplates before battle
  • Onix, Poliwag, and Snorlax have boss portraits (@Renog727)
  • Guppy transformation is now Mew
  • Spun transformation is now Spinda (@Renog727)
  • Cthulhu transformation is now Tentacruel
  • Fun Guy transformation is now Amoonguss
  • Forest (Basement) L shape rooms have been updated
  • Pottishes (idea by @Renog727) and Rock Smash rocks added
  • Evil Twin is now Shiny Charizard
  • Mulliboom is now Tangella with Voltorb
  • Mulligan is now Tangella
  • Mulligoon is now Shiny Tangella
  • Drowned Boomfly is now Bronzor 
  • Small Baby Long Legs is now Spinarak
  • Small Crazy Long Legs is now Spinarak
  • Heart Drops are now berries (@RaptorRhythm)
  • Grimer just got a whole lot more goopy
  • Joltick (Trite) bug fix
  • Spoink (Hopper & Leaper) bug fix
  • Combee and Shiny Combee switched
  • Magcargo and Shiny Magcargo switched
  • Red Boom Fly now more blue (Da bo dee, da bo die)
  • items.xml updated
  • players.xml updated
  • Nipples hidden within
  • Holy moly, Thor! Right? This has consumed me.


  • Optimized for Afterbirth
  • Meowth added as Greed 
  • Misty added as Magdalene
  • Gengar added as The Haunt
  • Hoopa added as Little Horn
  • Combee added as Full Fly
  • Shiny Combee added as Level 2 Fly
  • Magnemite added as Fly
  • Double Magnemite added as Moterfly
  • Spoink added as Hopper & Flaming Hopper
  • Shiny Spoink added as Leaper
  • Beedrill added as Pooter
  • Shiny Beedrill added as Super Pooter
  • Shiny Diglett added as Parabite
  • Womb variant of Dugrtio changed to shiny version
  • Basement redone as Forest
  • MissingNo. added as GB Bug familiar
  • Character Menu updated for Meowth and Misty
  • items.xml updated
  • players.xml updated
  • Various bugs terminated


  • Minor spelling error terminated
  • Caterpie image file reassigned 


  • Charizard added as Azazel (and the Lord of the Pit Wings)
  • Aegislash added as a Mask
  • Ludisc added as the heart to the Mask
  • Silcoon added as Membrane
  • Host updated to shiny Magcargo
  • Flesh head and Dank head updated as Glalies
  • Friendly ball is now a Pokeball
  • Paracsect (Big Spider) minor adjustments for a huge impact
  • Main and title screens adjusted (@TheHarDeOne)
  • Jessie (Eve), James (Samson), Squirtle (Blue Baby), and Ash (Isaac) optimized for Afterbirth (@TheHarDeOne)
  • Various changes to death screen
  • Bombs updated! (@TheHarDeOne)
  • Bugs safely brought outside (via napkin)


  • Updated for Afterbirth! v1.2 and before are still available for Rebirth
  • Download zip file size reduced immensely
  • Basement flooring added


  • Gish is now Swalot
  • Clots are now Gulpin
  • Hosts are Magcargo
  • Duck Stone differentiation disputed
  • Minimaps updated
  • Hud Bombs updated
  • The following three are brought to us by @TheHarDeOne
  • Item names updated
  • Character Names updated
  • Death screen updated


  • Charger is now Ekans!
  • Eve is now Jesse
  • Samson is now James
  • Psychic Maw is now Baltoy
  • Parasect and Paras are now Big Spider and Spider, respectively
  • Ragling is now Shiny Joltik
  • Red Boom Fly is now a Shiny Venonat 
  • Koffing has been updated


  • The Wretched (Metagross) death animation updated
  • Loki (Pikachu) rouge pixels eliminated
  • Boss health bar revamped
  • Fat Sack, Blubber, and Half Sack all updated to Munchlax
  • Ash's hat adjusted
  • Shiny Surskit added 


  • Initial Release
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